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Nothing tastes better than a scoop of cold ice cream on a hot summer day.  Except maybe a cold creamy flavorful burst of gelato!  If you haven't tasted a gelato, you're in for a sweet surprise.  Gelato is an upgraded Italian ice cream and it is every bit as sweet and even a little creamier than ice cream.  It's sure to satisfy even the most discriminating sweet tooth. Best of all it is even healthier!!!

Rich in natural flavors, Italian Gelato is made fresh every day.  It contains less air than American ice cream, making it more velvety in texture and richer in flavor.  Dolce Gelatos are made fresh with natural flavors and milk, instead of high-fat cream, for guiltless indulgence. Frutta Gelatos are made with real fruit ingredients and authentic flavors to satisfy cravings for luscious fruit.

When ice cream shops aren’t exciting enough, Milani Gelateria is your must experience gelato shop.  

Too busy to drive the kids?  Don’t want to deal with traffic?  We have the answer!  We even have a Gelato Delivery!  It doesn’t get any better than that.

Friendly Fact of the Day!

A classic flavor; sometimes is ruined by colorings and aromas preservatives and artificial flavors.  We use strawberries from Watsonville, California, where strawberries are grown with care and passion for over fifty years. Milani ‘s strawberry sorbet is the way to discover all the authenticity of the real fresh fruit.  Think Gelato-Gelato-Gelato.

For the yummiest and most refreshing Gelato in Miami Beach, FL you have to experience the flavors at Milani Gelateria

Why Choose Us

  • Authentic Italian gelato by Italians
  • The friendliest neighborhood Gelateria
  • The most refreshing and smooth Gelato in town


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